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2014 European Heritage Open Days - Anniversaries


Once again in 2014, heritage building owners will be invited to open their doors to the public, give a talk or tour, or host heritage events. For EHOD 2014 owners will be invited to explore the EHOD 2014 sub-theme: ‘Anniversaries’.

The definition of Anniversary is inclusive:


1. the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event: the tenth anniversary of their marriage.

2. the celebration or commemoration of such a date.

3. wedding anniversary.


4. returning or recurring each year; annual.
5. pertaining to an anniversary: an anniversary gift. Abbreviation: anniv.

This sub-theme is an opportunity to promote the history of your building, its architect or the people who have lived or worked there, to see if 2014 marks an important Anniversary.

An anniversary could be commemorated, such as the commencement of WWI in 1914 (DCAL Decade of Centenaries), Ballywalter House was requisitioned in the 1914-1918 war when it was used as a Military Hospital; practice Trenches in Brownlow House; 75 years since the death of W. B. Yeats or Anniversaries could be celebrated, such as: 10 years since the creation of PLACE, Craigavon New Town 50 years old this year, 90 years since the first BBC broadcast from Belfast, The Tower of Lisburn Cathedral was built in 1804, it has been 125 years since the first ever cycle race using Dunlop Pneumatic tyres on the Ormeau Rd, Rovenett House, Loughbrickland dates from 1704 and the list goes on!



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