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Be Part of EHOD 2014

Be Part of EHOD 2014!

Once again, the European Heritage Open Days (EHOD) weekend on the 13th & 14th September aims to get the public interested in and excited about the built environment, hopefully developing a lifetime enthusiasm for buildings and built heritage.

EHOD remains Northern Ireland’s most popular celebration of built heritage and is part of the wider European Heritage Days celebration, with around 50 other regions across Europe taking part. In 2013 the successful merger of buildings opening with cultural events, talks, tours and live performances lead to a jump in the numbers of visitors up 12% to an impressive figure of 68,288!

Our 100 day countdown and ‘themed weeks’ on Facebook and Twitter helped to broaden the range of ages taking part in EHOD, meaning that everyone can enjoy the built environment and the events staged within.

Whether you would like to reach out to your local community, publicise a project or increase interest and membership of an organisation, EHOD could be the perfect event to help you achieve this!

Don’t forget NIEA can help you with guidance, promotion, insurance and volunteers!

* Please read Guidance Notes before completing the Online Form.

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