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Ray Mears and Bear Grylls have increased the popularity of bushcraft skills and survival courses to the masses. The good news is that you can now follow in their footsteps. Discover Northern Ireland’s hidden world of flora and fauna and get set for that really wild experience.

How to get started?
Bushcraft is the application of skills which enable you to live in the wild for extended periods of time, with very little equipment.
Learn how to light a fire by friction, eat wild food fresh from the hedgerows or make a watertight shelter for the night from sticks and leaves.
Get out into the wild and discover a hidden world of flora and fauna which is not only beautiful but also useful to the outdoors enthusiast.

Is it easy?
Bushcraft is one of the most inexpensive outdoor activities to get involved with. Go for a walk with the dog, bring a field guide to edible plants and you are effectively practicing bushcraft.
Be warned that bushcraft is an addiction that can keep you learning for life. Once you create your first fire by friction you will have the bug. Good schools will provide all of the equipment you need to complete a daylong introductory course.

Is it expensive?
It is our recommendation that you go on an introductory course with a reputable Bushcraft school in Northern Ireland. In this way you can experience this fascinating skill in a controlled and friendly environment and decide if you would like to go further.

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