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St  Mark's

1. Saint Mark's Church, Belfast

This was CS Lewis’ local church in which he was baptised on 29 January 1899 and confirmed on 6 December 1914. There is a stained glass window in the church, donated by the Lewis brothers in memory of their parents, designed by the Irish artist ...

2. The Linen Hall Library and CS Lewis, Belfast

The Linen Hall Library is home to a unique collection of books by and about CS Lewis. The collection, donated by the CS Lewis Association of Ireland, is a first for Northern Ireland and
is a fitting tribute to one of Belfast’s most famous ...

3. Campbell College, Belfast

4. 'The Searcher' at Holywood Road Library, Belfast

The CS Lewis centenary sculpture by Northern Irish artist Ross Wilson is an inspired creation based on the character of Digory Kirke, who, in the Narnia story, ‘The Magician’s Nephew,’ features a wardrobe made from a beautiful apple tree which ...
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