Cookery School Classes

01 April - 19 December
The Cookery School at James Street South is a purpose built interactive kitchen.

The classes will be hosted by Niall McKenna and his team. Chef and owner of James Street South Restaurant Niall is an advocate of educating and learning new skills in the kitchen.  Niall has over 20 years experience in the kitchen and has worked and trained with many of today's great chefs. Niall is always keen to pass on his skills and knowledge to kitchen enthusiasts and still loves to learn new skills. Guest Chefs will host practical and demonstration classes from time to time.

Upcoming Cookery Classes:

April 2015
11/04/2015 Effortless Spring Entertaining
15/04/2015 Chocolate Desserts
17/04/2015 Friday Lunch Club
18/04/2015 World of Curry
22/04/2015 Stay in Comfort Food
23/04/2015 James Nicholson Wine Tasting
24/04/2015 Sushi and Cocktails
25/04/2015 The Perfect Sunday Roast
29/04/2015 Cooking with Fish and Shellfish

May 2015
02/05/2015 Art of Sauces
06/05/2015 French Bistro
08/05/2015 Curry and Wine
09/05/2015 Cooking with Fish and Shellfish
13/05/2015 Italian Cooking
15/05/2015 Friday Lunch Club
16/05/2015 Bread Making
20/05/2015 Modern Thai Cooking
21/05/2015 JNWine Tasting
22/05/2015 Champagne and Canapes
27/05/2015 Last Minute Dinner Party
29/05/2015 Cooking the Perfect Steak
30/05/2015 Effortless Spring Entertaining

June 2015
05/06/2015 Spanish Wine and Tapas
06/06/2015 Curry From Around the World
10/06/2015 Italian Cooking
12/06/2015 Father's Day Friday Lunch Club
12/06/2015 Curry and Wine
13/06/2015 Effortless Summer Entertaining
17/06/2015 Cooking with Fish and Shellfish
19/06/2015 Sushi and Cocktails
20/06/2015 Italian Cooking
24/06/2015 Cooking the Perfect Steak
26/06/2015 Meat Meals (Men Only)
27/06/2015 BBQ Masterclass

July 2015
03/07/2015 Curry and Beer
04/07/2015 BBQ Masterclass
24/07/2015 BBQ Ribs, Wings and Beer
31/07/2015 Cooking the Perfect Steak

August 2015
01/08/2015 Bread Making
05/08/2015 Vegetarian Cooking
07/08/2015 Meat Meals (Men Only)
08/08/2015 Cooking with Fish and Shellfish
12/08/2015 One Pot Wonders
14/08/2015 World of Curry
15/08/2015 BBQ Masterclass
19/08/2015 Effortless Summer Dinner Party
21/08/2015 BBQ and Beer
22/08/2015 BBQ Surf and Turf
26/08/2015 Bordeaux Wine Tasting
28/08/2015 Friday Lunch Club
28/08/2015 Lobster and Bubbles
29/08/2015 Art of Sauces

September 2015
02/09/2015 One Pot Wonders
04/09/2015 Cocktails and Canapes
05/09/2015 Sweet and Savoury Tarts
09/09/2015 Cooking with Fish and Shellfish
11/09/2015 Cocktail Masterclass
12/09/2015 Curry From Around The World
16/09/2015 Spanish Wine and Tapas
18/09/2015 Cooking the Perfect Steak
19/09/2015 Cooking with Fish and Shellfish
23/09/2015 Tuscany Explored
25/09/2015 Curry and Beer
26/09/2015 Cooking with Fish and Shellfish
30/09/2015 Italian Cooking

October 2015
02/10/2015 Cooking with Truffles
03/10/2015 Chocolate Masterclass
07/10/2015 Quick Fire Meals
09/10/2015 Cocktail Masterclass
10/10/2015 Cooking with Game
14/10/2015 Amazing Food, Humble Ingredients
16/10/2015 Sushi and Cocktails
17/10/2015 Bread Making
21/10/2015 Meals in Minutes
22/10/2015 James Nicholson Wine Tasting
23/10/2015 Friday Lunch Club
24/10/2015 Italian Cooking
28/10/2015 Modern Thai Cooking
31/10/2015 World of Curry

November 2015
04/11/2015 Braising Uncovered
06/11/2015 Sushi and Cocktails
07/11/2015 Cooking with Game
11/11/2015 Homemade Chocolate Truffles
13/11/2015 Lobster and Bubbles
14/11/2015 Effortless Winter Entertaining
18/11/2015 Stay in Comfort Food
20/11/2015 Meat Meals (Men Only)
21/11/2015 Chocolate Master Class
25/11/2015 Last Minute Dinner Party
27/11/2015 Champagne and Canapes
28/11/2015 The Perfect Sunday Roast

December 2015
02/12/2015 Effortless Christmas Entertaining
04/12/2015 Canapes and Cocktails
05/12/2015 Ultimate Christmas Dinner
09/12/2015 Effortless Christmas Entertaining
12/12/2015 Ultimate Christmas Dinner
16/12/2015 Effortless Christmas Entertaining
19/12/2015 Ultimate Christmas Dinner

Prices and times for classes vary. For full information and availability, visit
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