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Diving Locations

Our coastline has over 400 named wrecks, many intact, resting in some of the best, most diverse scenic diving locations anywhere! There are 4 diving regions, each with excellent charter providers to ensure a superb diving experience:

Belfast Lough - This long, broad inlet is carpeted with wrecks; the Scapa Flow of Northern Ireland. Over 20 in all - covering 100 years of shipping history in all shapes and sizes. Located at 10 to 60 metres, divers of varying ability can explore.

Strangford Lough - The largest sea inlet in the British Isles; an immense inland sea with 150 miles of shoreline and 120 islands. The Lough is surrounded almost entirely by land with a narrow channel. Sheltered and unspoiled, Strangford Lough offers a diversity of easily accessible dive sites. Even better, it's teeming with life - a marine biologist's paradise. Big horse mussels, crab, octopus, urchins, and more, with great visibility to capture all on camera. The long narrows offers serious thrills for the more adventurous diver. Its calm surface belies fierce currents below - up to 8 knots, and plunging depths exceeding 80 metres; sheer cliffs carpeted with sponges. Out into the wreck-strewn Irish Sea, more challenging diving awaits.

Larne, Whitehead and Islandmagee - Located close to the major ports of Belfast and Larne, the Irish Sea off East Antrim is prime wreck diving territory. Most wrecks littering the seabed around Whitehead on Belfast Lough and up the coast past Larne are in depths within 18 metres and cover everything from smuggler's vessels to coal freighters. Islandmagee offers superb scenic, drift and shore diving with drop-offs from 15 to 60m. The Maidens north of Larne is one of the UK's most spectacular and rarely dived locations. This remote site, consisting of 9 rocks, is famed for its strong tides.

Atlantic Coast - The Causeway Coast extending from the Foyle Estuary across North Antrim offers exhilarating scenery and clear waters boasting visibility from 10 to 25m. Cliffs, drop-offs, pinnacles rising from great depths, keyholes, gullies, extensive shoals and arches are among of the thrills in store. Tricky tides and dives up to 200m add to the buzz for experienced divers. Hotspots include Rathlin Island, Portrush, Ballycastle, Skerries, Culdaff Bay and more.

Take the plunge. Contact dive providers who will assit with diving equiptment, accomodation, boat hire and any other diving queries you may have:

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