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Tully Castle, County Fermanagh

Living History - County Fermanagh


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Saturday 14th

Sunday 15th




Tully Castle


1pm - 5pm

Built in the early 17th century with great hopes of prosperity, learn how the Hume family fortunes took a tragic turn and see how daily life included a pioneering spirit: demonstrations of skills and 17th century music.

Castle Balfour

Castle Balfour

10am - 3pm


Early 17th century inhabitants of Lisnaskea demonstrate some of the skills, customs and foodstuffs in use in 1610 and wear the elaborate fashions of the age.

Devenish Island

Devenish Island


1pm - 5pm

Devenish Island is known in Irish as “Daibh Inis” which translates as The Two Islands, or Ox Island, and the Welcoming Isle of St. Molaise. Meet the 6th century Early Celtic Christian Monk and saint and see how you would have fared as a scriptor monk, copying holy texts with a goose quill pen and oak gall inks and pigments.

Enniskillen Museums

Enniskillen Castle Museum

2pm - 5pm


Two to three man armoury & fight display! Our 15th century Men-at-Arms guard a display of weapons, armour and warlike accoutrements to handle and try on. Feel the heft of a sword, the weight of iron maille armour, and the clang of a helmet visor as they guide you through the ‘harness’ and garniture of their equipment, and demonstrate some of the fighting techniques of the professional fighting men of the Middle Ages.

Monea Castle

Monea Castle

1pm - 5pm


Built in the early 17th century with great hopes of prosperity and a pioneering spirit and learn how the Planter family’s fortunes took a tragic turn. See how daily life included a military aspect: weaponry from the gunpowder age alongside armour, pikes and swords

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