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Mountain Boarding

Mountain Boarding

Lose yourself in the thrill and adrenalin of mountain boarding in Northern Ireland - it's such a rush!

This is one to get your pulses racing! Mountain boarding or 'dirtboarding' is a super cool activity. Snowboarders invented it to ensure they could still get their kicks when the white stuff was in short supply, but it was so much of a laugh, it became a sport in it's own right.
GASP Surfin' Dirt is only provider of mountain boarding in Northern Ireland situated in the spectacular surroundings of the Mourne Mountains in County Down. It caters for everyone from novices to hardcore enthusiasts.

How to get started
GASP Surfin' Dirt have boards and safety gear for hire and qualified instructors to show you how it's done. The minimum age is 7 years.

Is it easy?
Beginner's lessons at GASP Surfin' Dirt last for about two hours, plenty of time for you to pick up the basic essentials.

Is it expensive?
the cost of a beginner's lesson is currently £17.50 for a 2 hour session, and includes the hire of the equipment that you will need.

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