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The Fall

Northern Ireland TV and Film Locations

Northern Ireland has long been an inspiration for local writers and playwrights such as C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) and Colin Bateman (Divorcing Jack).

More recently, it has also been the go-to location for film and TV executives looking for the ideal location for the new productions.

Northern Ireland offers an unrivalled variety of landscape and setting, all within a compact and easily accessible area - hence its popularity with film-makers and crews.

Dracula Untold, courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Game of Thrones (2011 – Present) 

Game of Thrones panel at Ballintoy Harbour, County Antrim

An epic fantasy television series created for HBO.  This production is an adaptation of George R R Martin's series of fantasy novels, and Seasons 1 to 5 have been filmed at Titanic Studios in Belfast as well as a number of locations around Northern Ireland including Ballintoy Harbour, Tollymore Forest Park and Castle Ward Estate.

The Frankenstein Chronicles (2015)

Image courtesy of ITV/Rainmark

Image courtesy of ITV/Rainmark

An epic re-imagining of Mary Shelley’s myth for a modern audience, blending supernatural horror with period police procedural.  London, 1832. The body of a child is discovered washed up on the shore of the Thames. First on the scene, John Marlott of the River Police examines the corpse and is horrified to discover that it’s not actually a child at all but an assembly of body parts crudely stitched together. Charged by Home Secretary Robert Peel to apprehend the crazed killer behind the mutilated body, Marlott’inquiries lead him into the dark corners of Regency London, an underworld of prostitution, drug smuggling, bodysnatching, murder for profit and other even more esoteric vices. The evidence points first one way and then another, but as he investigates a series of uncanny experiences andnightmarish dreams and visions suggest a frightening, apocalyptic alternate scenario: that ademonic power is at work, reanimating the dead. Only as Marlott brings his enquiry to a dramaticconclusion is the true horror revealed.

The Lost City of Z (2015)

In 1925, the legendary British explorer Percy Fawcett ventured into the Amazon jungle in search of a fabled civilization. He never returned. Over the years countless perished trying to find evidence of his party and the place he called “The Lost City of Z.” Interweaving the challenges of family life, the political and social confines of Edwardian England, and the internal quest for self and purpose, with Fawcett’s journey into the deadly jungle, The Lost City of Z unravels into one of the greatest exploration mysteries of the twentieth century.

Line of Duty (2014 – Present)

Series 2 was filmed entirely in Belfast, telling the story of police corruption.  Series 3 will be filmed in the city in 2015.

The Journey (2015)

Shooting has begun on The Journey, a dramatic comedy inspired by a turning point in British and Irish History.

The film focuses on the improbable friendship between two Northern Ireland political titans and implacable enemies, Ian Paisley (Timothy Spall) and Martin McGuinness (Colm Meaney), when forced to take a short journey and the biggest leap of faith. It is at this moment the future of British and Irish history is altered, as two sworn enemies put their past actions behind them and begin to forge a friendship that would lead them to be known as “The Chuckle Brothers”.

The additional stellar cast includes Toby Stephens (Believe, The Machine, Severance) as Prime Minister Tony Blair, Freddie Highmore (The Golden Compass, The Spiderwick Chronicles) as Jack, The Driver, a young government employee tasked to drive Paisley and McGuinness on their journey, and Oscar-nominated John Hurt (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Hercules, The Elephant Man) as Harry, an accomplished veteran political fixer overseeing the St. Andrews Agreement.

Nick Hamm (The Hole, Killing Bono) directs, from a script by Colin Bateman.

Prolific independent entertainment studio IM Global is financing the film through its Acclaim speciality division, in association with Lipsync and Northern Ireland Screen, and will also handle international sales. Greenroom / Tempo Entertainment, Nick Hamm, Mark Huffam (The Martian), and Piers Tempest (Like Minds) are producing, with IM Global Founder and CEO Stuart Ford and President of Production Matt Jackson executive producing

The Survivalist (2014)

The Survivalist is the story of one man living alone on a farm in a time of starvation. His isolation is shattered with the arrival of two visitors, a mother and her teenage daughter, desperate for food. When the mother offers up her daughter an uneasy arrangement ensues. The farm then comes under attack from outsiders, forcing the trio to work together to survive, developing loyalties which will be tested when food runs short.

A Patch of Fog (2014) 

Sandy is a celebrated novelist - intelligent, charming, popular with women. No matter that he hasn’t been able to write a worthwhile word since his first novel, A PATCH OF FOG, was published 10 years before, to great critical acclaim. Things for Sandy are pretty good. He has parlayed the book’s success into cosy careers as university lecturer, arts critic and TV personality. He’s making romantic headway with TV host Lucy. For thrills he indulges a small addiction to shoplifting.

In pursuit of one such thrill he is caught red-handed by store security guard Robert. From the same city but an entirely different world, Robert is a lonely soul - rough, uncultured, uneducated and decidedly unstable. On discovering the thief’s identity, he uses evidence of Sandy’s misdemeanour to ensnare him into an unwelcome ‘friendship’. Sandy is unable to refuse, the more he wriggles the deeper the young man’s hooks sink in. Until he realises that his companionship is as valuable to Robert as his own reputation is to him. And so he starts to play the game and encourage Robert’s infatuation. But Sandy isn’t quite as clever as he thinks and Robert not quite as stupid. As Robert discovers more and more about him, not even charm and intelligence can help Sandy avoid a violent confrontation with his past that will determine the course of the rest of his life.

Boogaloo and Graham (2014)

Boogaloo and Graham

Set in 1970s Belfast, two young boys discover the facts of life with the help of their pet chickens.  The film won a BAFTA in 2015 for Best British Short Film.  It was written by Ronan Blaney, produced by Brian J Falconer and stars Martin McCann, who was also in '71, a Northern Ireland Troubles-era thriller.

Dracula Untold (2014)

Dracula Untold, Giant's Causeway

Vampire mythology combined with the true history of Prince Vlad tell the origin of Dracula starring Luke Evans.  Filmed at many locations across Northern Ireland including: Tollymore Forest Park, Roe Valley Country Park, Mount Stewart House and Gardens, Giant's Causeway, Divis Mountain and Scrabo Country Park.  Find out more about Dracula Untold.

Shooting for Socrates (2014)

Starring local actors Conleth Hill, Bronagh Gallagher and Ciarán McMenamin, Shooting for Socrates depicts the story of Mexico 1986 when Northern Ireland met the mighty Brazil in the World Cup finals, filmed at Windsor Park, Belfast and around Belfast City.

The Fall (2013 – Present)

The Fall

A BBC2 psychological thriller starring former 'X Files' actress Gillian Anderson, as well as Irish actors Jamie Dornan, who featured as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, and Gerard McCarthy of Hollyoaks fame.  Series 1 and 2 were filmed in and around Belfast City with filming due to resume in Winter 2015. 

Miss Julie (2013, released September 2015)

miss-julie basement kitchen

Set on Midsummer’s Eve in 1890 and filmed at the National Trust properties of Castle Coole and Florence Court in County Fermanagh, Miss Julie details a battle of both sex and class, staring well-known actors Colin Farrell and Jessica Chastain.


Dani's Castle (2013 – 2014) 

Cast of DANI'S CASTLE - on location, Killyleagh Castle, Co. Down

This CBBC television production was filmed on location at historic Killyleagh Castle in County Down.  Series 3 has been commissioned to be filmed in County Down in 2015. 

Blandings (2013 – 2014)


The series is based on author PG Wodehouse's hilarious accounts of the life and times of Lord Emsworth of Blanding Castle.  It was filmed at Crom Castle, Co. Fermanagh and stars well-known actors such as Timothy Spall, Jennifer Saunders, David Walliams and Mark Williams, just to name a few.

Robot Overlords (2013)

Robot Overlords - Carrickfergus Castle

Starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson, Robot Overlords is a science fiction film where Earth has been conquered by Robots from a distant Galaxy. Survivors are confined to their houses and must wear electronic implants, risking incineration by Robot Sentries if they venture outside.  Filming locations include: Belfast Met, Donaghadee, Greencastle Beach, Tollymore Forest Park and Carrickfergus Castle.

The Wipers Times (2013)

Filmed on location at Ballywalter Park Estate, Co Down, Belfast City Hall and the Co. Down Railway Museum.  Starring Ben Chaplin, Michael Pain and Emilia Fox amongst its cast members, the film tells the true story of how one man turned the horrors of war into a black comedy.

Keith Lemon - The Film (2012)

Comedy starring Celebrity Juice host and comedian Keith Lemon and Kelly Brook, Keith Lemon The Film is filmed in various Belfast locations including Linenhall Street, Titanic Drawing Offices, House of Fraser (Victoria Square), The Waterfront Hall, W5 at Odyssey, The Merchant Hotel, Bedford Street, Linen House Hostel, Old Northern Bank on Waring Street, Café Vaudeville, Donegall Square North.

Good Vibrations (2012)

This film is based on the story of Terri Hooley, who owned record store Good Vibrations, and championed the emerging Belfast punk scene in the 1970's. Terri started a small record label, and is famous for discovering and launching famous Derry band The Undertones.

The Shore (2012)

Ciaran Hinds in THE SHORE - on location, Coney Island, Co. Down

This Oscar winning short film is the story of friendship and reconciliation starring Ciarán Hinds and Conleth Hill as childhood friends Joe and Paddy. The film won Best Live Action Short Film at the 2012 Oscars.   Written and directed by Belfast local Terry George, and produced by his daughter Oorlagh, the film was shot entirely in Killough, Co. Down.

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (2012

The BBC’s drama department's modern-day take on the 1839 novel  was filmed at various locations across Northern Ireland including Belfast City Hall, and Brownlow House.  The production, supported by Northern Ireland Screen, features local names such as Adrian Dunbar, Bronagh Gallagher, Jayne Wisener and Andrew Simpson among its cast. 

Philomena (2012)

Judi Dench in PHILOMENA - on location, the Mournes, Co. Down

Philomena is the true story of one mother's search for her lost son.  Starring Judy Dench and Steve Coogan with filming in various County Down locations including Bryansford, Killyleagh, Rostrevor and featuring the Mourne Mountains.

Privates (2012)

This BBC1 drama is the story of the last intake of conscripts for National Service in 1960; eight young men undertake basic training at a windswept camp in Yorkshire, as the end of the era of deference meets the world of rock n' roll. The cast which includes Patrick Baladi (The Office; Mistresses) as Captain Gulliver: Marc Silcock (Hollyoaks, Emmerdale) as Corporal Jimmy Hobbs: and Jack Fox (Fresh Meat) as Private White-Bowne filmed on location in Northern Ireland  at Ballykinler Army Base, Tyrella Beach and South Promenade, Newcastle.

Your Highness (2011)

Danny McBride and Natalie Portman in YOUR HIGHNESS - north Antrim coast

A Universal Studios Picture comedy that was filmed on location in Northern Ireland.  Starring Natalie Portman, the production was filmed at Titanic Studios in Belfast and utilised many of Northern Ireland's stunning locations to create their very own 'Kingdom of Mourne' including; Tollymore Forest Park, Castle Ward, Cairncastle, Dunluce Castle and the Giant's Causeway.

City of Ember (2007)

A science fiction fantasy film filmed at Titanic Studios in Belfast and Cavehill, starring Holywood actors Bill Murray and Tim Robbins.


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