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Stand-up Comedy in Northern Ireland

Enjoy the craic in Northern Ireland...

The Irish love a good joke, and we naturally have a vibrant local comedy scene. There are plenty of opportunities to sit back and enjoy the craic - Pop down to the Empire Bar in Belfast's University district for the Comedy Club nights, or, if you are brave enough, head for the open mic nights at the Playhouse in Derry where anyone can stand up and impress the crowd with their funny jokes!

Check out our comedy venues and upcoming events below.

Just Some Ideas

EastSide Arts Festival, Belfast

East Belfast is getting ready for the hottest summer yet as the annual EastSide Arts Festival, delivered by East Belfast Partnership, serves up a sizzling, 12-day feast of events.

Dirty Dancing in the Le Shebeen, Ballymena

The loveable Maggie is back with a bang in the highly anticipated sequel to 50 Shades of Red, White And Blue

Caolan McBride on Newcastle Promenade, Newcastle

Watch closely, you don't want to miss a thing! Come along on a very magical journey with professional magician Caolan McBride. Lots of magic, surprises and laughs will make this a magic show you won't forget!

Free events for everyone to enjoy.

Newcastle Summer Season - Separate Beds, Newcastle

The story is set in the Marshall household where Judy is about to get married to Alan. However, with the return of Judy’s estranged mother, a next door neighbour making a play for the now ‘free’ husband, a future mother-in-law who doesn’t know.

Children's Street Theatre Portstewart, Portstewart

Children's Street Theatre Portstewart

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