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Stand-up Comedy in Northern Ireland

Enjoy the craic in Northern Ireland...

The Irish love a good joke, and we naturally have a vibrant local comedy scene. There are plenty of opportunities to sit back and enjoy the craic - Pop down to the Empire Bar in Belfast's University district for the Comedy Club nights, or, if you are brave enough, head for the open mic nights at the Playhouse in Derry where anyone can stand up and impress the crowd with their funny jokes!

Check out our comedy venues and upcoming events below.

Just Some Ideas

Culture Night Derry~Londonderry 2014, Londonderry/Derry

Culture Night in Derry~Londonderry 2014 promises to be unique cultural experience for visitors and locals alike, when venues across historic city will throw open their doors to invite the public inside to explore, experience and enjoy local culture.

Alan Irwin and Christian Talbot, Belfast

A double bill of stand-up comedy from two of Northern Ireland's most confessional comedians, fresh from the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

John Bishop, Belfast

Ground control to Major John! Strap yourselves in, set doors to manual and cross check, the new John Bishop national tour is preparing for take off!

The countdown is on for the launch of John Bishop's latest national comedy caper! After ...

The Holy Holy Bus, Belfast

There is a pilgrimage that leaves a West Belfast parish once a year to tour the holy sites of Ireland.

Andrew O'Neill: Heavy Metal - A History, Belfast

What is Heavy Metal? What does it taste like? Does it hurt? Andrew O'Neill answers all the questions you were afraid to ask the big hairy men in that pub you've always avoided.

Its William Caulfield SO IT IS - LIVE! (The Them and Me Tour), Newtownabbey

Award nominated comedian William Caulfield, well known from his BBC TV series 'Our William' and his Radio Ulster comedy shows 'It's William Caulfield so it is' returns to the theatre with his all new show for 2014.

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