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Walled City of Derry – The Living Heritage

St Columbs Cathedral, Derry“If Stones Could Speak…”

In 1633, the stonemason carving the foundation stone for Derry’s St Columb’s Cathedral started the inscription with the words ‘’If Stones could speak…’’.

The tangible history of the city, when combined with the authentic voices of the contemporary community, is a story without parallel on these islands.

A crucial part of the walled city development is to ensure that those places that are part of the story also have the capacity to tell the story – and to tell it well.

Stained Glass window in St Columbs Cathedral, DerryThe Built Heritage Programme will invest in up to six of the city’s most important architectural and historic buildings, but this must be augmented by investment in the storytellers themselves.

That is why a concurrent Business and Cultural Animation Programme will focus on the people of the city, in particular those who work in the service industries, in hotels and accommodation, in cultural centres, visitor attractions and historical groups…people who both engage with the visitor and who provide the human element – that compulsory element of any Irish holiday.

Progress & Milestones

The following are at full economic appraisal – the precursor to full project approval – and will be completed in the next few months:

  • Walled City Business and Cultural Animation Programme
  • Walled City Built Heritage Programme

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