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Walled City of Derry – The Story of Derry

An Intriguing Story – Well Told

Shipquay Street, DerryIn 2003, NITB and Derry City Council embarked on the development of a ‘Public Realm Plan’   for the Walled City of Derry.

This recognised that the built heritage of the Walled City and its immediate areas had unique qualities, but that closer inspection revealed serious flaws in the integrity of the built fabric and that the story of the city was not being conveyed properly.


The Public Realm Plan made a number of key recommendations: -

  • The implementation of a comprehensive signage and interpretation plan within and around the Walled City – to tell the story of Derry and to tell it well
  • A city wide lighting strategy – to include the bridges – to create a more inviting (and safe) night time city which will in turn create a vibrant evening economy
  • A built heritage programme to invest in key historic buildings in the city core to enable visitors to access and enjoy the wider cultural and political history

This coincided with Derry City Councils plans to refurbish the award winning Tower Museum and the development of the Armada Exhibition in the same building. It was appropriate then that the Tower Museum was to undergo a substantial renovation as it will play a key role in introducing the Story of Londonderry to the visitor as we move forward.

Progress and Key Milestones

Derry City by duskSubstantial funding for the implementation of the Story of Derry was secured under the EU PEACE II programme operated by NITB and the Integrated Development Fund overseen by ILEX, the Urban Regeneration Company for the North West.

This initial package of £3million approximately will invest in comprehensive visitor information and orientation programmes which will make the city more visitor-friendly and will open up and narrate its history in a contemporary style.

Further funding was secured for the Armada in Ireland exhibition through the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Tourism Development Scheme and Derry City Council.

  • The Armada in Ireland and the refurbished Tower Museum Entrance will open to visitors for the summer 2006 season
  • Hogarth has been appointed as the Urban Design Consultant for the design and build of the Walled City visitor signage & interpretation programme
  • Equation has been appointed to carry out the design of the lighting strategy
  • Alistair Coey has been appointed to carry out the conservation and management plan for the historic city walls

Full Economic Appraisals – a pre-cursor to full project approval – are underway for the following aspects of the Walled City Signature Project: -

  • Walled City Business & Cultural Animation Programme
  • Walled City Built Heritage Programme

Keep coming back for further updates over the coming months.

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