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Waterski & Wakeboarding

Waterskiing in Northern Ireland provides amazing thrills, spills but most importantly an excellent sense of achievement when all goes right. Being towed at high speed behind a boat may not sound like everybody’s cup of tea but those who have given it a go, young and old, male or female always come back with a buzz of adrenaline and a desire for more.

Wakeboarding in Northern Ireland has experienced massive growth with many water skiers transferring their skills in the search for more air (tricks and jumps to the rest of us). However you don’t have to ski first, many beginners are going straight into wakeboarding with great success.  Northern Ireland is a fantastic venue for water skiing and wakeboarding; there are loads of rivers and lakes providing flat water venues and there is a fantastic community willing to pass on knowledge on the sport they love.

How to get started
The most effective way to start is via one of the Water Skiing / Wakeboarding Schools. A qualified instructor will shorten the learning time with safety first and speed next. You can learn the basics in as little as 30 minutes.

Is it easy?
Beginners start on a training boom which allows them to commence skiing at the side of the boat enabling close interaction with the instructor. Once this is mastered they progress to a short rope and handle attached to the boom and then onto a longer rope behind the boat. Ski Schools will provide all of the equipment you need.

Is it expensive?
Beginning the sport is reasonably inexpensive for example an introductory lesson will cost from £30. From there an entry level set of skis will cost from £100 and an entry level wakeboard from £200. Unless you have friends or family with a speed boat this purchase will cost you from £5000 but with that investment comes more freedom.

Just Some Ideas

Drumaheglis Marina Caravan Park, Ballymoney

Drumaheglis Caravan Park, 5* AA rating, enjoys a secluded location on the banks of the Lower River Bann with adjoining marina. The Lower River Bann is an excellent location to indulge in your favourite pastime, be it fishing, sailing or canoeing.

Meteor Waterski Club, Lisburn

Meteor Water Ski Club is based on an inland lake and operates from Easter to October.
Monday evenings are open to visitors, but other times can be arranged.
Groups can hire the club, along with a boat driver/coach.

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