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Spooky Halloween Ball, Belfast

Join us on 31st October for the finale of our Halloween adventure - our Spooky Halloween Ball.

There will be 1920's and 1930's swing music, old fashioned Halloween games, a photo stand and ohhh yes, don't forget the odd fright!

Into The Deep Marine Festival, Belfast

Into the Deep is Titanic Belfast's annual marine festival - dive into the depths, learn how we explore this alien landscape and discover more about the mysterious undersea world.

Paranormal Tours - Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast

Crumlin Road Gaol has been interconnected with Paranormal Activity since it closed its doors in 1996. There have been sightings, noises and unexplained happenings within the walls that have seen 17 men executed over its 150 year history.

From Bolshoi to Belfast - The Theatre of Costume, Belfast

The globally recognised Bolshoi has come together with the Russian Museum of Ethnography to curate a show that tells the story of how the traditional costumes of the people are reimaged in the famous 20th century ballet and opera ...

Metro Monster Mash, Belfast

Come along for the Metro Monster Mash at the Titanic Slipways.

Mai Bendy Art Exhibiton, Belfast

I started drawing, exhibiting and selling my Bendy work around Belfast last year. I love drawing and selling it in St. George's is the air I breathe! So come along to my exhibiton on 28 & 29 November at the Hub Cafe.

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