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The Murals' of Belfast and Londonderry are fast becoming a must-see experience for visitors.  These pieces of public art, (often appearing on gable walls of residential houses) provide the visitor with an insight into the culture and traditions of Northern Ireland. The murals help to form tourist trails as they weave through Belfast and outside the Walled City of Derry. Many visitors come to Northern Ireland to view the Political Murals which are a big part of our history.  West, North and East Belfast have the political edge, with many murals in and around the Nationalist Falls Road bearing an Irish historical theme to underline its all-Ireland ethos. The Shankill and Newtownards Roads have the most visited Loyalist murals reflecting those communities' pro-British stance. The Shankill side of the Peace Wall also features new artwork over the original grafitti and sectarian slogans.

In recent years murals of Northern Ireland's heroes and legends have been increasing and you will find murals depciting Football Legends such as local legend George Best can be spotted at several outdoor spots including the Sandy Row in Man Utd strip, Windsor Park - NI and Linfield's football ground off the Lisburn Rd. - and East Belfast's Cregagh Estate where he grew up.   More recent NI football hero David Healy can also be seen scoring the winning goal against England on a wall at the Albertbridge Rd.   Celtic FC’s greatest ever player, Jimmy ’Jinky’ Johnstone, is also immortalised in a Falls Road mural.

There also literary murals - CS Lewis: The Belfast-born writer is depicted on two East Belfast 'Narnia’ murals that also feature scenes from his seminal work The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Find them off East Belfast's Dee St. (near the Titanic mural) and Ballymacarrett Rd. - themselves both off the Newtownards Rd.

Titanic: There are a few in the city, but by far the best is a striking black and white painting showing Captain Smith flanked by the cranes and overlooking the ill-fated liner. Find it on the corner of East Belfast's Dee St and the Newtownards Rd.

Why not book a Political tour and get an insight into the history behind these pieces of community artwork.

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