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Londonderry (Walled City of Derry)

Did You Know?

1. The city is the only complete walled city in Ireland, and one of the finest examples in Europe. In fact the city walls are listed as one of the World's 1001 Historic Sites You Must See Before You Die (UNESCO, 2008).

2. The city is home to biggest Halloween carnival in Ireland.

3. The city has a unique association to the arts and literary world, befitting its status as the UK's first city of culture in 2013. It has been home to playwright Brian Friel, poet Seamus Heaney and musical talent such as Phil Coulter, Josef Locke and The Undertones.

4. The newly opened Ebrington Performance Plaza can accommodate up to 14,000 people for outdoor events and is larger than London's Trafalgar Square.

5. The city is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited places in Ireland, dating back to the sixth century when Saint Columba established his first monastery in the city.