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04 September The Magic Flute Theatre & Shows Armagh
05 September 'The Road to the Battle 'a play about the Battle of the Boyne Theatre & Shows Co Down
02 September - 06 September Beckett Trilogy: Not I/ Footfalls/ Rockaby Theatre & Shows Belfast
05 September - 06 September Singlehood Theatre & Shows Belfast
06 September Gay McIntyre Reminiscing Theatre & Shows Co Fermanagh
10 August - 06 September Punk Rock Theatre & Shows Belfast
06 September Movie: Sunset Boulevard Theatre & Shows Co Londonderry
01 August - 08 September Belfast City of Rhythms Show 2014 Theatre & Shows Belfast
12 September Newcastle Community Cinema - The Night of the Hunter Theatre & Shows Co Down
12 September Talon The Best Of The Eagles Theatre & Shows Co Fermanagh
12 September Film Club - Mamma Mia Theatre & Shows Co Down
13 September Sidewalk Boogie Theatre & Shows Co Fermanagh
18 September Frank Pig Says Hello Theatre & Shows Co Fermanagh
19 September The Modfathers Theatre & Shows Co Fermanagh
19 September Culture Night Belfast Theatre & Shows Belfast
19 September Open Air Cinema Night at Solutide Park Showing 'Pitch Perfect' Theatre & Shows Co Down
19 September Of Mouth - Linen Hall Lunchtime Readings Theatre & Shows Belfast
20 September Christy Moore in Concert Theatre & Shows Co Down
20 September George Murphy Theatre & Shows Co Fermanagh
18 September - 20 September The Official Story of Liverpool Football Club Theatre & Shows Belfast
26 September The Bjorn Identity Theatre & Shows Co Fermanagh
27 September Conal Gallen - Laugh and a Half Theatre & Shows Co Fermanagh
29 September Barry Douglas In Concert Theatre & Shows Co Fermanagh
20 September - 18 October Pentecost Theatre & Shows Belfast

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Recent years have seen the top acts queueing up to play in Northern Ireland. Venues like the Odyssey Arena, The Waterfront Hall, The King's Hall, and Custom House Square offer great indoor and outdoor live experiences.

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