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Living History - County Antrim


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Saturday 14th

Sunday 15th




Carrickfergus Castle


10:30am - 5pm

See the power and accuracy of the famed Longbow as our 15th century archers demonstrate the strength and skill needed to pull the yew stave. Then have a go yourself and see how you would have fared as an archer in the armies at Agincourt or Crecy.

Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle

10:30am - 5pm


Armour & fight!
Our 13th century Men-at-Arms guard a display of weapons, armour and warlike accoutrements to handle and try on. Feel the heft of a sword as well as the weight of iron maille and their helmet visors as they guide you through the “harness” and “garniture” of their armour - Or just come to see the demonstrations of some the fighting techniques of the professional fighting men of the Norman period.


Flame - The Gasworks Museum of Ireland


1 - 5pm

How DO you make gas, and why was it so important up until very recently? Meet the Victorian manager who oversees this thoroughly modern 19th century marvel.

Other Living History Events

Andrew Jackson & US Rangers' Cottage

The Andrew Jackson & US Rangers Centre

2pm - 5pm

2pm - 5pm

An 18th Century thatched stone cottage restored as a tribute to Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the USA whose parents lived nearby. A museum dedicated to the US Rangers formed in Carrickfergus in 1942 is housed on the grounds. Griddle baking demonstrations. For more information visit:

Gracehill Conservation Area

Gracehill Conservation Area

12.30am - 5pm


Come and enjoy the exciting living History presentations. Hear about plans to restore the old village shop (c.1787). Pick up a village guide from the old school and tour the settlement. Refreshments and home baking & crafts by "Country Market Group" available in Church Hall. For more information see

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