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Dundrum Castle, Dundrum, Newcastle

Believed to have been built in or around 1177, Dundrum Castle was built by John De Courcy as part of his coastal defence after he invaded Ulster. Dundrum Castle is located on a wooded hill north-west of Dundrum village near Newcastle.

Greencastle Royal Castle, Kilkeel, Newry

Commanding the mouth of Carlingford Lough, the Castle has an eventful history. It was built in the 13th century, taken by Edward Bruce in 1316, attacked at least twice by the Irish in the late 14th century and maintained as a garrison up to 1590.

Narrow Water Keep, Warrenpoint, Warrenpoint, Newry

These are the contact details for Narrow Water Castle which is located in Warrenpoint, County Down. The castle is not open to the public but occasional group visits can be organised by making an application in writing.

Bagenal's Castle and Newry and Mourne Museum, Newry

Bagenal’s Castle located in historic Newry is a 16th century fortified house and adjoining 19th Century warehouse, and has been sympathetically restored to house Newry & Mourne Museum and Newry Visitor Information Centre.

Moyry Castle, Newry

South of the County Armagh village of Jonesborough lie the ruins of Moyry Castle, built in the 17th century to guard the strategic mountain pass known as Moyry Pass or the 'Gap of the North'.

Corliss Fort, Newry

Corliss Fort is one of the best-preserved bivallate raths in County Armagh.

Lisleitrim Fort, Newry

Leisleitrim Fort is a fine example of a multivallate rath ( a rath with several banks and ditches).

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