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Northern Ireland's Great Taste Awards Winners 2016

28 July 2016

Northern Ireland Food and Drink companies are recognised in the 2016 UK Great Taste Awards, widely recognised to be the Food Oscars.

The Meat Merchant, owned by Peter Hannan, has achieved 36 product awards, a record number of awards for a single food manufacturer in UK and Ireland and in doing so secured a record total of 59 stars. Thirteen local products from eight companies were awarded the highest accolade of three gold stars for their products in the prestigious annual event organised by the influential UK Guild of Fine Food, with 84 local companies securing almost 303 gold stars in total.

Praising the success of the companies, Economy Minister Hamilton said: “We have a dynamic and progressive food and drink industry and the results of the 2016 UK Great Taste Awards will help to consolidate Northern Ireland’s growing reputation for excellence in food and drink production and hospitality.'

Some of the the eight gold star award winners include Clandeboye Estate, Suki Teahouse, Dale Farm, Rooney Fish, Kearney Cheese Company, Hannan Meats, Thompson Family Teas and Abernethy Butter.

In particular the record breaking achievements of Hannan Meats this year is truly impressive and makes the company the most successful UK and Ireland company in the history of this competition resulting in this unique year presenting an important and fitting showcase of the pure natural quality of Northern Ireland Food and Drink.

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