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Saint Patrick's Day, Belfast
Saint Patrick's (CoI) Cathedral, Armagh
Saint Patrick's (RC) Cathedral, Armagh
Saint Patrick's Grave, Down Cathedral
Slemish Mountain, County Antrim
Saint Patrick's Chair and Well, County Tyrone (Courtesy of Tyrone and Sperrins)
Saint Patrick Visitor Centre, Downpatrick

Saint Patrick - History and Heritage

Saint Patrick Yesterday and Today.

Renowned for converting Ireland to Christianity centuries ago, today St Patrick still fascinates as one of the most enduring of all the saints. His profile remains iconic and international, even inspiring the greatest buildings and landmarks on the planet to 'go green' in honour of St Patrick's Day.

Through history, myth and legend, Patrick's legacy is still carved into the land where he found his saintly mission. To this day his influence and impact breathes within the landscapes, culture and people of St Patrick's heartland. This is Patrick's world: ancient, poignant and rejuvenating.

Walk in his footsteps amid the solitude and beauty of Slemish Mountain. Visit his grave in the grounds of Down Cathedral, and explore Patrick's capital, Armagh, where two majestic cathedrals bear his name.

But not just on St Patrick's Day. Year-round attractions, exhibitions and events make it worth visiting at any time, and an evocative exploration of the heartland is possible by driving the long-distance Saint Patrick's Trail or following the Saint Patrick's Way walking route.

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