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Armagh Top Itineraries

Armagh, City of Saint Patrick (Full Day Itinerary)

Saint Patrick arrived in Ireland and built is first stone church in 445 AD on the Hill of Armagh where the current Saint Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral is located. A visit to Armagh can provide an authentic experience and glimpse into the life of Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick’s legacy is clear across the City in two magnificent Saint Patrick’s Cathedrals but also in other centres.

10am - 11.30am
Saint Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral. Take a guided tour of Saint Patrick’s first church in Ireland, where there is an unbroken line of Bishops since Saint Patrick in 445 AD. The Cathedral is also the burial place of the last high king of Ireland, Brian Boru. Visit the Cathedral Crypt and learn about the people that are interred there. Afterwards relax with a coffee at No 4 Vicars' Hill.

At No 5 Vicars' Hill you will find the art and coin collections of Archbishops Robinson and Beresford. This exhibition includes a Bell of the Blood reputedly blessed by Saint Patrick.

11.30am - 12pm
Take a short walk to Armagh Public Library and experience the fascinating archive of old books on display. This includes Jonathan Swift's first edition of Gulliver's Travels!

12pm - 1pm
Saint Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral. The foundation stone for the Cathedral was laid in 1840. The Cathedral is a magnificent building, reflecting the use of local products and expertise from across the world.

There are several other centres worth a visit on the Saint Patrick’s theme including Armagh County Museum, the Cardinal O’Fiaich Library and Archive and Archbishop's Palace. A City Centre walking tour uncovers many historic facts around the theme but also highlights some myths and legends which provide interesting anecdotes. You should allow up to two hours for this.

1pm - 2pm
Lunch in one of the restaurants/cafes in the City.

2.30pm - 4pm
Visit The Navan Centre and Fort, one of the Royal sites of Ireland. Navan Fort was home to the High Kings of Ulster in ancient times and was the reason for Saint Patrick’s selection of Armagh for his principle centre in Ireland. Enjoy a living history experience at the Navan Centre.


Armagh Planetarium, Star Trek (Half Day Itinerary)

Armagh City is home to Armagh Observatory built in 1789, which is a research facility. Armagh Planetarium is a purpose built visitor facility which provides first class visitor experience.

10am - 10.30am
Built in the 1960s and recently renovated the Armagh Planetarium is a must see when visiting Armagh. The Planetarium includes a permanent exhibition on the exploration of space but also continually changes AV shows on the planets.

10.30am - 11.30am
Take time to discover the Astropark on the grounds of the Planetarium and Observatory. You can find a stone calendar and various other features such as the Hyper Cube and the Hill of Infinity, from which your thoughts can extend from Armagh to the universe. This is a relaxing, yet thought provoking way to spend an hour in the beautiful green surroundings of the park.

11.30am - 12.30am
Take a tour of Armagh Observatory (1789), one of Ireland’s oldest scientific institutions, is a leading research establishment with astronomers studying astrophysics, the solar system, and the climate of Earth.

This will provide a fascinating insight into space and the stars, and Armagh’s place in the research and celebration of this topic. It is advisable to book in advance at both the Planetarium and Observatory.

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