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Saint Patrick's Trail

Follow the Saint Patrick’s Trail through a host of Christian sites at Bangor, the Ards Peninsula, Downpatrick, Newry and Armagh to uncover just how strong Northern Ireland’s links are with this patron saint.

The 92 mile linear driving route links 15 key sites, all identified as having some connection to his life, legacy or landscape - they are all just waiting to be explored.

  • Saint Patrick's Cathedral (RC), Armagh

    Saint Patrick's Trail Key Sites

    Step into the shoes of Saint Patrick and discover the famous key trail sites.

  • No 5 Vicars' Hill

    Armagh - Saint Patrick's City

    Armagh is the oldest and most venerated of Irish cities and has a long Christian heritage.

  • St Patrick's Church, Saul, County Down

    Downpatrick - Saint Patrick's Town

    Downpatrick is an essential stop for those interested in saints, scholars and Irish Christian heritage.

  • Comber Abbey, County Down

    North Down & the Ards Peninsula

    Saint Patrick had a great influence in bringing Christianity to the North Down and Ards Penninsula.

  • Greyabbey, County Down

    Armagh Top Itineraries

    A visit to Armagh can provide an authentic experience and glimpse into the life of Saint Patrick.

  • 18113_Oxford_Island


    Journey back to the earliest days of Irish Christianity, through the beautiful countryside of an area which Ireland’s patron saint knew so well.

  • St Patrick's Church, Newry, Co Down.

    Newry & Mourne

    The Newry and Mourne area has a rich and ancient heritage with many archaeological sites and places of historic interest.

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