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Titanic Facts

  • White Star Line was the company that built RMS Titanic. RMS stands for Royal Mail Steamer.
  • Titanic’s yard number was 401. She was built on Slipway No 3 under the Arrol Gantry.
  • The Titanic’s keel was laid on March 1909.
  • In 1912, skilled shipyard workers who built Titanic earned £2 per week. Unskilled workers earned £1 or less per week.
  • In July 1911, H&W and White Star Line set the date on which the Titanic would begin her maiden voyage - 20th March 1912. However, the Olympic collided with Royal Navy Cruiser HMS Hawke and was bought back to Belfast. This accident delayed the Titanic’s maiden voyage.
  • Titanic was launched on 31st May 1911. It took 62 seconds to complete the launch.
  • The cost to build Titanic in 1912 was $7.5million. The cost today is $400million.
  • Titanic was 882ft 9in in length, 92 ft in width, 175 ft in height and it weighed 46,328 tonnes.
  • Approximately 3 million rivets were used to build Titanic.
  • It was announced in the London Times that the Titanic Maiden Voyage would be 10th April 1912.
  • Titanic left Belfast on 2nd April 1912.
  • Titanic departed Southampton on 10th April 1912.
  • Titanic hit the iceberg on Sunday 14th April 1912 at approximately 11.40pm.
  • Titanic sank at 2.20am on Monday 15th April – 2hr 40mins after hitting the iceberg.
  • On 18th April the Carpathia arrives in New York and the Titanic survivors disembark.
  • There were 2,223 people on board. 1,232 were passengers and 991 were crew members.
  • Dr Robert Ballard of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute found the wreck in September 1985.
  • Titanic lies approximately 12,460ft at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean (approx 2.5 miles).
  • There were only 3 funnels operational on the Titanic. The fourth funnel was a dummy. The funnels towered 81 ½ ft above the boat deck.
  • There were over 250 passenger telegrams sent and received during the voyage.
  • The SS Nomadic carried some of Titanic’s richest passengers including John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim and Molly Brown.

Titanic Facts

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