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Canons on Derry's walls

Family Fun (The Walled City)

Family FunChildren will be enthralled by the museums, walks and cultural trails within the city. Just a few miles from the historical centre, there is plenty to interest all family members.

Prehen House is the ancestral home of the Tompkins and Knox families. Standing derelict for more than fifty years, the house was reclaimed and restored by the Knox family in 1971 and is now open. There are tours around this eighteenth-century mansion and exhibitions held regularly in the Context Galleries.

Parents and children will enjoy the Riverwatch Visitor Centre which explores and explains the natural environment of Lough Foyle. Learn about the myriad underwater life by inspecting the fish in the aquarium tanks. Visual presentations describe the life cycle of salmon and shellfish.

WTPL/Gregor FultonPrehen Wood, on the east bank of the River Foyle, is a woodland for all seasons, there to be enjoyed by all visitors. Walking routes show the way around this ancient woodland which is a haven for red squirrels, badgers, sparrowhawks and long-eared owls. Sixty plant species thrive here including bluebells, anemones and orchids. The Ecotrail encourages environmental awareness among young people and develops their appreciation of nature. There are two family-friendly circular routes which bring walkers into the woodland.  Visitors will be impressed that this delightful woodland, a safe place for wild and rare animals, is so close to the city.

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