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Where to eat

Reserve your seat at our sensational
restaurants, a fantastic feast awaits!

Eating out is a key ingredient for any trip and Northern Ireland caters for every taste. From cosmopolitan fine dining delights to traditional pub grub, we have it all.

Our city centres will spoil you for choice with traditional, gourmet and some alternative dining experiences on offer.

It’s a time to get together and feast on all our local deliciousness. Some of the top restaurants and family favourites will be playing host to special food events throughout the year.

  • Belfast

    Home to a host of award winning restaurants, from gourmet giants to brilliant pub grub.

  • Co. Antrim

    Satisfy both sweet and savoury cravings at one of the many seaside shops and fine restaurants.

  • Co. Londonderry

    The cultural city of Derry~Londonderry and the wider county have many culinary delights you should sample.

  • Co. Tyrone

    Check out the trail of the Tyrone food circle, a group of restaurants known for serving the finest food in this lush county.

  • Co. Fermanagh

    Be sure to sample black bacon, a local speciality or delicious seafood in one of the many lakeland restaurants.

  • Co. Armagh

    Take in the stunning views of the famous orchards as you sample the delicious harvest.

  • Co. Down

    County Down is a seafood lovers delight. The fishing fleets keep the local restaurants stocked with plenty of fresh produce.

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