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Accommodation Rating System

Hotels are classified by a star system

***** Indicates an international standard of comfort and service with luxurious and spacious guest accommodation, including suites. Also high quality restaurants with table d'hote and a la carte menus.

**** Indicates large hotels with a high standard of comfort and service in well appointed premises. All bedrooms ensuite. Cuisine meets exacting standards. Comprehensive room service.

*** Indicates good facilities with a wide range of services. All bedrooms ensuite. Food available all day.

** Indicates good facilities with reasonable standard of accommodation, food and services. Most bedrooms ensuite.

* Indicates hotels with acceptable standards of accommodation and food. Some bedrooms have ensuite facilities.

Guesthouses are classified by a star system

**** Indicates that all rooms have private bathroom with bath and/or shower, direct-dial telephone, remote controlled TV and radio, plus half-suites available.

*** Indicates that all rooms have private bathroom with bath and/or shower, direct dial telephone.

** Indicates that at least 50% of the rooms have private bathroom with bath and/or shower.

* Indicates a satisfactory standard of accommodation, facilities and services.

Bed and Breakfast (B&Bs) are not classified by a star system.
This category covers a variety of good quality houses in both town and country areas ranging from large period residences to modern bungalows. Evening meals are available in many of these, check when booking.

Self-Catering establishments are classified by a star system

This covers all standards of accommodation, from country cottages to executive apartments.

***** Indicates extra facilities including controlled heating.

**** Indicates extra facilities including washing machine and tumble dryer on site.

*** Indicates extra facilities and equipment including availability of linen.

** Indicates extra facilities including colour TV.

* Indicates clean, comfortable accommodation with adequate facilities for the number of people specified.

Unclassified/Classification Pending

Some establishments are listed as Unclassified or Classification Pending for following reasons, either; premises have chosen to remain unclassified, premises have not been in operation long enough to be fully assessed or the rating is under review due to major refurbishment.

Premises listed within this site meet all the statutory requirements for certification. All establishments are inspected annually by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.
If there is a problem inform the Manager/Owner so that it can be rectified immediately. If, thereafter, you wish to bring the matter to the Tourist Board’s attention write to:
Quality & Standards, NITB, 59 North Street, Belfast BT1 1NB, or email

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