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Boot Camps

Boot camps have created a health and well being revolution in Northern Ireland’s outdoors.

If you are looking to lose weight, get healthy and improve your fitness but are fed up with fad diets and sweaty gyms then sign up for a Boot camp and make the best of Northern Ireland’s outdoors.  Don’t be put of by the stereotype of military orders and shouting akin to Full Metal Jacket or GI Jane. Boot camps in Northern Ireland are delivered in a stress – free atmosphere under advice of expert instructors who provide excellent guidance to assist you reaching your goals - all in the fresh air!

How to get started
NI Bootcamp is Northern Ireland’s only residential bootcamp providing a range of options within the beautiful surroundings of the Mounre Mountains. They provide the full package of accommodation, nutritious meals, and outdoor exercise activities!

There are also several non-residential bootcamps throughout Northern Ireland focusing on the use of outdoor activities to improve your fitness.

Is it easy?
Not really – but that’s the point. Boot camps will push you to your limits meaning you will achieve targets that you first thought were beyond your reach. Group exercise and the innovative use of outdoor activities will give you the inspiration to push harder.

Is it expensive?
Residential boot camps range from £280 for the weekend and £850 per week. A typical boot camp exercise class will cost anything from £5 to £35 per person depending on the service provided.

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