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Chamber Philharmonia Cologne

The Chamber Philharmonia Cologne was founded in the city whose name they bear: Cologne. The city that is famous throughout the world for its University of Music and its musical and instrumental teaching. Generations of musicians have been trained in Cologne for many decades who, in terms of their musicality, are unparalleled around the world

'Classical music the world over', is the motto of the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne. It is irrelevant for the musicians whether they are playing in a little village church, in the open air, in Cologne Cathedral or in the Sydney Opera House - their enthusiasm to play music is the same every time. The objective is simple - they want to inspire as many people as possible across all generations to enjoy classical music.

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Chamber Philharmonia Cologne

St George's Parish Church 105 High Street Belfast
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T: 02890231275

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