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Experience the thrill of gliding over land and water on a cushion of air at speeds of up to 30mph. Hovercrafting has been around since the early 1920’s however hovercrafting in Northern Ireland is now accessible as an adventure activity for all to enjoy.  The skills required to successfully pilot a hovercraft, include balance, anticipation and an intuitive feel for the machine. All these can be achieved with a little training and application.

Foyle Hovercrafting & Leisure are the only provider of hovercrafting in Northern Ireland. They have purpose built tracks allowing ‘pilots’ to ride over grass and water, navigating through tricky courses of hairpins and bends in a safe and controlled environment.

The hovercrafts are 2-seater and can be driven solo or in tandem with a willing and cooperative partner!

How to get started
To get started you will need to get in touch with Foyle Hovercrafting & Leisure - they are the only provider of hovercrafting in Northern Ireland.
No special equipment needs to be purchased as helmets and other safety equipment will be supplied.  Under 16’s are required to be accompanied by a qualified instructor.

Is it easy?
A hovercraft is quite simply a vehicle which is wholly supported on a cushion of air supplied by a powered fan mounted on the craft. Forward motion is achieved by thrusting some of the air backwards, usually by means of a ducted fan. It takes time to be able to skilfully manoeuvre a hovercraft however with a little guidance anyone can enjoy driving/racing these machines.

Is it expensive?

The best way to start is to have a taster session with Foyle Hovercraft and Leisure, the only hovercrafting provider in Northern Ireland.

Prices start from £35 for a 15 minute session with a full hour costing £110.  It gets even cheaper when more activities are undertaken.

Just Some Ideas

Foylehov Activity Centre, Limavady

Foylehov Activity Centre is the only Hovercrafting Centre in Northern Ireland as well as home to the only Powerturn Off Road Buggies in Northern Ireland.

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