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Lough of Ages

In Northern Ireland you need to keep a close eye on your imagination. Especially if you’re a serious sort, with no time for frivolity. You see, this place is chockablock with tall tales, sugar-coated stories and legends.

One nonchalant moment and your imagination will be captured. You’ll be young at heart again, throwing off your suit, scorning the business section of the newspaper and craving simple pleasures like space hoppers and sherbet fountains.

With so much mythical charm in the air, a dose of childlike escapism is a given.

Take a trip to Lough Neagh for example. The biggest lough in Northern Ireland it may be and sure, it’s a hotspot for eels, but lets talk about the magic.

How did such a wonder occur? Gargantuan Finn McCool throwing chunks of earth around in a fit of rage? Perhaps it’s the watery dwelling of the immortal horse-god Eochu? Is that a ripple on the surface or the beautiful mermaid Liban? (Cue much squinting and elbow nudging...).

Like many Northern Ireland beauty spots, enchantment comes as standard. And once you’re under the spell, there’s lots more to delight in.....


Paddle along the Lough Neagh Canoe Trail 

Boost your adrenaline at Craigavon Watersports Centre

Cycle along the gorgeous Loughshore Trail which circumnavigates the lough

Test your skills at Craigavon Golf & Ski Centre

Visit Coyle’s Cottage to experience a Lough Neagh habitat of old

View an ancient round tower treasure on Ram’s Island  

Celebrate Northern Ireland’s monastic past by visiting the Ardboe Old Cross

Birdwatch and survey the wildlife at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre

Have a hoot at the World of Owls, bird of prey and exotic animal centre

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