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Mourne Water Towers

The Mourne Towers are three distinctive towers built a part of the Mourne Wall. These Towers sit on or near the summits of Slieve Donard, Slieve Commedagh and Slieve Meelmore.

The Towers are thought to have been built as shelter to protect the stone-men as they toiled against the elements to complete the wall. The Towers are still a welcome refuge for walkers today.

The Meelmore and Commedagh Towers are both the same in shape and size but the Donard Tower is a different style.

In the 1950s the pyramidal roof of the Donard Tower was removed to make way for a concrete triangulation pilar, these pillars were used by Ordnance Survey to map the country and the information used to create the OS maps we still use today.

Each of the Towers has an engraved date over the door commemorating the completion date: 1910 Slieve Donard, 1913 Slieve Commedagh, 1921 Slieve Meelmore.

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Mourne Water Towers

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