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Founded by Alice Fitzpatrick in 1979, Alice believed that life is a gift we all share.

Utopia is a place where we can celebrate that gift through the giving of beautiful, fun things to those who share our lives, to mark a special occasion or just to show how much we appreciate them.

An independent, family-run business where pleasure, entertainment and discovery are at the heart of everything we offer.

Find us at Fountain Centre under Belfast's enchanting timekeeper, the 'Alice Clock'.

Alice: 'Well, when I was lost, I suppose it’s good advice to stay where you are until someone finds you. But who'd ever think to look for me here?'

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Monday to Saturday 09:30-17:00

Sunday Closed

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Suite 4 Fountain Centre College Street
County Belfast
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T: (028) 9023 0021
Phone number
M: (07817) 533 690
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