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Titanic Belfast - The Shipyard

Shipbuilding & Maritime Heritage

Northern Ireland boasts a rich ship-building and maritime history.

Belfast is the birthplace of Titanic, the home where she was conceived, designed and built and the evidence of this is still in the city waiting to be explored. Explore the city that launched the world’s most famous liner by foot, bus, car, boat or even bike. Guided or unguided you can delve deeper to uncover the many stories and maritime landmarks of Belfast – the city that built not just Titanic but thousands of other great ships. Belfast has a Titanic experience for you.



Places To Visit

Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Holywood

Step back in time and uncover a way of life from 100 years ago. Explore thatched cottages, farms, schools and shops as you wander through the beautiful parkland of the Folk Museum and step aboard majestic steam locomotives in the Transport Museum.

Titanic’s Dock & Pump-House, Belfast

As the last place Titanic rested on dry land, the dock is Titanic’s physical ‘footprint’ in history. Learn about Belfast’s incredible maritime heritage and shipbuilding legacy and peer into the vast dock where Titanic was fitted out.

SS Nomadic, Belfast

Built in 1911, Nomadic provides the story of Titanic's little sister, the only tangible surviving link with the world's most famous ship and the last White Star Line vessel in the world.

Titanic Belfast, Belfast

Titanic Belfast is a 'must see' visit in any tour of Belfast, and is now Northern Ireland's top visitor attraction.

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