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Belfast City & Greater Belfast Tours & Trails

There's much to discover in Belfast - sometimes you just need a little help finding it! Luckily there are plenty of guides and tours showing you the hidden gems in Belfast's streets and suburbs.

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Places To Visit

Belfast City Hall, Belfast

Completed in 1906, Belfast City Hall is a magnificent Edwardian 'wedding cake' built to reflect Belfast's city status, granted by Queen Victoria in 1888. The grounds are also used for many events from continental markets to open air concerts.

Titanic’s Dock & Pump-House, Belfast

As the last place Titanic rested on dry land, the dock is Titanic’s physical ‘footprint’ in history. Learn about Belfast’s incredible maritime heritage and shipbuilding legacy and peer into the vast dock where Titanic was fitted out.

Belfast Music Exhibition and Tour, Belfast

Explore Belfast's proud musical heritage with a dedicated exhibition and guided bus tour.

Steam Trains Ireland, Whitehead, Carrickfergus

The RPSI maintains a museum at Whitehead and operates steam-hauled excursions over the present day Irish railway network for families and enthusiasts.

Belfast Bike Tours, Belfast

Welcome to Belfast Bike Tours.Our mission is to help you see the beauty of Belfast the most eco-friendly way possible, by bike.Starting from the city's seat of learning, Queens University, you'll be in the saddle on your way with one of the ...

Belfast Bred Mobile App, Belfast

Discover Belfast’s fascinating food heritage and the high quality local produce available in the city today with Belfast Bred. Hear from local chefs, publicans and retailers. Get a taste for Belfast’s gastronomique history.

Segway Titanic Guided Tours (Segway NI), Belfast

The first and only Segway city guided tour in the UK! And what better way to explore all the sights of this historic area by using these futuristic and amazing machines. You will quite simply glide from one area to the next!

The Wee Tram - Titanic Quarter, Belfast

Take a tram ride around Belfast's Titanic Quarter, with its many attractions, in carriages inspired by the tramcars than ran through Titanic’s shipyard.

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