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Castles, Monuments & Monasteries

Northern Ireland has some of the finest castles on the island. The earliest are from Norman times, but fortified homes continued to be built well into the 17th century.  Much of Derry City dates from this era, including its encircling walls. Centuries of war, siege and expansion, have left a well-preserved legacy which is still there to be explored!

Back in the mists of time, some of our remotest areas were bustling! The first known dwelling in Ireland was found at Mountsandel near Coleraine (7,000 BC). Fermanagh and Tyrone are especially rich in Stone Age archaeology.  There are even more antiquities from the early Christian era and superb examples of monastic sites, abbeys, round towers and Celtic crosses crop up in every county.

  • Beaghmore_Stone_Circles

    Ancient Sites

    Northern Ireland is home to a wealth of ancient, pre-Christian sites, steeped in mystery and mythology.

  • Dunluce Castle, County Antrim

    Historic Sites, Houses, Castles and Buildings

    Discover our historic sites and buildings, from our mighty castles to more recent stately houses and symbols of our industrial heritage.

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    Christian Heritage

    Saint Patrick's legacy is enshrined in our churches, cathedrals and historic sites including abbeys, high crosses and round towers.

Navan Fort (courtesy Navan Centre)

A Monumental Heritage

Northern Ireland is a treasure trove of historic monuments, from Neolithic to early Christian times.


From Castles to City Hall

Castles to concert halls, Northern Ireland's buildings are still making history.

Boa Island Carved Stones, County Fermanagh

A Rich History

Our culture and history can be traced back to the first people who settled here. An overview to our history from the earliest settlers to the modern day.


National Trust Properties and Outdoor Spaces in Northern Ireland

The National Trust looks after many wonderful historic properties and scenic places in Northern Ireland.

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