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Food Traditions and Recipes

Northern Ireland has a distinctive food tradition and heritage influenced by the geography, climate and the long history of the people.

Northern Ireland is gaining renown for the reputation of its local food producers, and traditional food crafts such as butchery, bakery and  distilling, have a long and proud history here.

Northern Ireland’s rich and unique bakery tradition is a pure delight for most visitors. In contrast to the rest of the British Isles, where local bakeries have all but disappeared, most market towns and villages in Northern Ireland still have bustling businesses, which are often in their second or third generation.

Traditional butcher shops are numerous in Northern Ireland, and many of our butchers work closely with local farmers, if not their own family farms, buying whole carcasses and dry-aging the meat themselves.

What’s more, the last decade has seen a proliferation of artisans reviving forgotten crafts such as cider-brewing and cheese-making.  

So for a ‘real’ taste of Northern Ireland, why not prepare your own meal using the freshest local produce from our great butchers and suppliers.

Traditional bread making at Drumkeerin B&B.

Traditional Dishes

Traditional food is alive and well in Northern Ireland. Most traditional dishes have their roots in potatoes and bread, and farming families used to eat at least one Ulster Fry a day...


Traditional Irish Recipes

Get in touch with the past by trying these four classic Northern Ireland recipes.

New Signature NI Dishes Created at Balmoral Show 2014

Here is a collection of some of the recipes cooked up by our local chefs at the show.

Serving an Ulster Fry

The Ulster Fry: the best cooked breakfast?

26 January 2015 | The iconic Ulster Fry is the best regional variety of the cooked breakfast, according to BBC Food Broadcaster Simon Majumdar.

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