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Ballykeel DolmenCraigmore Viaduct (courtesy Newry & Mourne Council)

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Craigmore Viaduct, Newry

This 18 arch viaduct, close to Newry, is a prominent feature of the south Armagh landscape.

Kilnasaggart Inscribed Stone, Newry

Kilnassagart Inscribed Stone, in the south of County Armagh, is regarded as being one of the oldest inscribed stones in Ireland.

Clontygora Court Cairn, Newry

Known locally as the ‘King’s Ring’, this court tomb has a prominent position in the southeast part of the rugged Slieve Gullion ring-dyke.

Ballymacdermot Court Tomb, Newry

This monument is an extremely well preserved Neolithic burial site with three chambers. It can be dated between 4000 and 2500 BC.

Ballykeel Portal Tomb (Dolmen), Mullaghbawn, Newry

This Neolithic burial site, dated between 4000 and 2500 BC, has a huge capstone, supported on upright stones, over an octagonal burial chamber. It is known as the 'Hag's Chair'.

Clonlum Cairn, Killeavy, Newry

This unusual megalithic monument is set on the eastern edge of a low ridge, overlooked by Slieve Gullion to the west and around 750m south of the badly disturbed remains of Clonlum court tomb.

Annaghmare Court Tomb, Crossmaglen, Newry

The court tomb at Annaghmare is one of the best preserved examples of its type, with many of its features preserved in good condition after they were first revealed during excavation in 1963-64.

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