Inch Abbey

This year the theme for EHOD is “Heritage and Nature: A Landscape of Possibilities” with focus to be given to Heritage and Nature including Landscape, Territory, Sustainable Development, Biodiversity, Major Hazards and Climate Change.

This is the perfect opportunity to explore not only built heritage but natural heritage and how the two complement each other!

Some things to think about:
Do you have a garden at your cultural heritage site?
Is there a significant type of surrounding landscape related to your site?
Animals invading your cultural heritage site don’t need to be nuisance
How a museum can manage to cultivate insects
Traditional crafts are necessarily linked to nature. What has your site to offer?
Built heritage often depends on wise use of renewables. How about your site?
Can you link your site to a challenging subject such as biodiversity?
Maybe some historic person at your site was really passionate about nature?
Is there a legend linked to your site where nature played a key role?
Can you offer a bird song talk?
Can you offer any talk or tour which teaches people about nature?

There is often more than one way to connect a cultural heritage site to nature, we are keen to hear any ideas!

If you would like to open a building or put on an event for EHOD please fill in an application form by clicking the link below:

Application form

PLEASE NOTE: The application form has to be completed in one sitting, therefore please have a look at the Guidance Notes which will tell you all of the information you will need to think about before submitting your form.

The deadline is 31st March.

For further information on how you can get involved in EHOD please email or call 028 9082 3238.