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Also known as land sailing, land yachting or sand yachting blokarting provides another exciting way to make the most of our splendid beaches and other open spaces.

The most popular end of this sport is the mini yacht category, which means portability and manoeuvrability is a big part of the appeal. The smaller size means they can be used in smaller spaces that other wind powered sports.
Blokarting combines aspects of dingy sailing and kite buggying, a landsailer is exactly what the name suggests – a three wheeled yacht (or kart) with a sail attached. The power of the wind is captured in the sail, which is controlled by a single sheet (rope). Steering options are either by foot or hand depending on manufacturer. Hand steered yachts eliminate the need for length adjustment for younger members of the family. Brands such as Blokart® are proving to be very popular for families in Northern Ireland.

Due to the simple nature of control most newcomers to this exciting sport find they are zooming about in no time. Potentially you can blast along the beach at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, but when learning speeds of 15-20mph are much more realistic. This still feels fast enough as your proximity to the ground ensures it feels like much more.

Blokarting is something you can try out for a few hours and if you get hooked (which you probably will) then you can progress right up to competition level, racing with like-minded individuals.

How to get started?
In theory you could buy your own yacht or kart and get going but as with any activity it is always best to get some professional advice. There are a number of activity providers who provide supervised lessons on Northern Ireland’s beaches to introduce you to the sport as well as help improve your skills.

Is it easy?
The concept is really easy – handlebar steering and a rope that controls sail power and therefore the buggy’s speed.
Sails ranging in size from 2 – 5.5 square metres ensure you can learn at your own speed – the bigger the sail the faster you can go.
Younger children are not excluded and are encouraged to sail in purpose built tandem with an adult. The handlebar sailing and design of the buggy makes it perfect for those with limited mobility or disability.

Is it expensive?
Taster sessions are available from as little as £10 with lessons costing from £60pp for a 2 hour session which includes the hire of the landsailer, helmet, gloves, goggles and instruction.
You can buy an introductory level kit (buggy, sails etc) for around £950 with no hidden extras. Roof racks or trailers are not required as everything will fit into a bag which can be transported in the boot of an average car. It takes about five minutes to put together therefore maximizing fun time.

Just Some Ideas

Blokart World, Ballymena

Some call it Landsailing, others call it Sand yachting.

Belfast Activity Centre, Belfast

BAC is a personal and social development charity offering outdoor adventure learning from its unique base in the heart of Belfast.

Group activities (minimum 8 persons) include, caving, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, archery, ...

Blokartfun, Limavady

Blokart sailing is a fantastic way for families and friends to experience the exhilaration of sailing on Benone beach
No previous sailing experience is necessary.

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