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Adventure Racing

If you are seeking the ultimate adventure in the outdoors then multi discipline adventure racing is for you! Competing in teams of 2-4, anything can be thrown at you in these events, including running, cycling, canoeing or horse riding. Teams must travel between control points, solving problems and navigating their own route.


Made famous by the likes of Robin Hood and William Tell, archery can be a great afternoon’s fun for all the family. Take aim, hold your nerve and shoot for the bull’s eye - there is nothing like the satisfaction of hitting dead centre!


Also known as land sailing or land yachting this is an exciting way to make the most of Northern Ireland’s splendid beaches and open spaces. Combining aspects of dingy sailing and kite buggying, a landsailer is a three wheeled yacht (or kart) with a sail attached. Let the power of the wind blast you along the beach at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour!

Boat Charter & Cruising

Whether you choose to take control of your own boat or charter one with a skipper this is a great way to sample the sites and sounds of Northern Ireland’s coastline and inland waterways. With boats available varying from luxury cruisers and sailing yachts to barges you are sure to find the perfect vessel for fishing, diving, sightseeing or simply relaxing.

Boat Trips

What better way is there to take in the beauty of Northern Ireland than from the water? Enjoy everything from high speed sea safaris to more relaxed pleasure cruisers. Boat trips provide the best way to view our spectacular coastline, rivers, estuaries and loughs which host a diverse range of natural beauty, wildlife and historical points of interest.

Boot Camps

If you are looking to lose weight, get healthy and improve your fitness but are fed up with fad diets and sweaty gyms then sign up for a Bootcamp and make the best of Northern Ireland’s outdoors. Delivered in a stress free environment complete with fresh air learn from expert instructors how to use the outdoors to improve your health and wellbeing.


Whether you are looking for a gentle trip or a mad day catching the surf, Northern Ireland is the place to try canoeing or kayaking! Beginners can experience the quality of instruction on calm lakes and meandering rivers whilst experienced paddlers are sure to be blown away by the access to superb waters and great facilities – not to mention the breathtaking scenery.


Enter an underground world of stalactites, stalagmites, streams, bizarre rock formations and towering caverns. With well over 50km of caves this is the best way to discover Northern Ireland's inner beauty. Give it a go and you'll find your way through hidden passages to a remote world of chambers adorned with natural features that will take your breath away.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon shooting is an activity that demands concentration, a keen eye and quick reactions - staying cool, calm and collected is the key! Only clay targets are used so no real pigeons or birds are targeted. A laser version of the sport is also available where participants use a modified shotgun to fire an infrared beam – a great way for young ones to have a go but with sound effects that make it equally realistic for adults too.


There is nothing like the challenge of ascending a rock face and the satisfaction of taking in the view from the top. From conquering an artificial climbing wall to tackling the sea cliffs at Fairhead or the high tors of the Mournes there is something to ensure all levels of experience feel the buzz that climbing brings.

Coasteering & Bouldering

Scramble up waterfalls and cliffs, body surf waves and fling yourself into deep water from heights of up to 20ft! These two action packed activities involve walking, scrambling, jumping, swimming and sometimes crawling, around the coast (coasteering), or while ascending a river (wet bouldering).


Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Northern Ireland and is one of the best ways to take in its beauty, attractions and places that others don’t get to see. Whether you choose to peddle along off-road family cycling trails or on-road routes you will be rewarded with incredible views of vast and varied landscapes.


Take the plunge and explore the magnificent waters which boast spectacular landscapes teeming with marine life and dotted with no fewer than 400 ship wrecks. Diving gives you a feeling of weightlessness and freedom along with the chance to explore Northern Ireland’s unique underwater habitat firsthand.

Fell Running

Do you like running off the beaten path or testing the real limits of your endurance? Then, mountain running could be for you! A hugely rewarding sport, pushing participant's endurance to their limits fell running sees participants running across a variety of terrains from rough open mountain sides to hidden forest tracks.


Anglers are most certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to fishing in Northern Ireland. The three major disciplines of Coarse, Game and Sea fishing can be partaken in numerous unspoilt locations with delightful scenery.


A silent and graceful way of flying without an engine, gliding is both fun and exhilarating. Using naturally occurring currents of rising air in the atmosphere to remain airborne take to the skies hang-gliding or paragliding and soar over spectacular views in peaceful silence.

High Ropes & Zip Lines

Take on a series of challenging obstacles at anything up to 60ft above the ground. Negotiate your way through obstacles including rope bridges, scramble nets, zip wires, swinging logs and balance beams before zooming back to solid ground.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of the best ways to view the outstanding scenery and get right into rural countryside. With a vast range of riding clubs and equestrian centres on hand no experience is necessary so saddle up, hit the trail and kiss your worries goodbye.


Experience the thrill of gliding over land and water on a cushion of air at speeds of up to 30mph. Hovercrafting has been around since the early 1920’s and is accessible as an adventure activity for all to enjoy. With a little training you’ll be piloting your own craft in no time!

Jet Skiing

Wet & wild high octane fun – Jet Skiing is perfect for thrill seeking adrenaline junkies. The diverse range of coastline, loughs and rivers in Northern Ireland provide numerous venues to experience high speed adventure on the water, be prepared to get wet!

Kite Buggying

Sit close to the ground in a canvas seat suspended from a metal frame with wheels and cruise across an open space propelled by a kite! This sport can be as tame or as extreme as you want it to be so whether you’re a beginner who wants to cruise at low speed for fun or a racer who is looking for an adrenaline rush kite buggying is for you!


One of the most extreme watersports, invented by the French and pioneered in Hawaii the rider is towed behind an over sized power kite strapped to what looks like a snow board, at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Northern Ireland is close to a kite surfing paradise - wind and waves are in plentiful supply and the choice of wide sandy beaches means there’s always somewhere with ideal conditions.

Microlight Flying

Over the Mournes, over the Sperrins, along Strangford and Lough Erne; have you ever looked up and seen birds soaring and wondered what it was like? Now you can get this thrill safely by having a go microlight flying in Northern Ireland.

Mountain Biking

Hit the dirt and experience the adrenaline pumping action of mountain biking. There is something for all levels - for the more serious mountain biker develop your skills and learn the latest tricks on the numerous pump tracks and technical trails or for those who are new to the sport have a gentle introduction on some of the many family-friendly off road trails.

Mountain Boarding

This is one to get your pulses racing! Mountain boarding or 'dirtboarding' is a super cool activity originally invented by snowboarders to ensure they could still get their kicks when the white stuff was in short supply. It was so much of a laugh, it became a sport in its own right and now you can try it for yourself in Northern Ireland!


Orienteering is the art of navigating your way round a series of points. The idea is to do it at your best speed but it is also a great way to take a walk with a purpose and when you are ready, get you off the beaten track - not to mention a chance to view some of Northern Ireland’s spectacular scenery.

Paintball & Combat

Northern Ireland has a great range of paintball sites complete with bunkers, trenches, and forts to create your supreme war zone. Dressed in the full kit of full camouflage, face goggles and semi automatic paintball guns you’ll feel like the ultimate warrior ready to do battle with your ‘friends’ in this perfect group activity.

Rally & Off Road 4x4 Schools

Zip up your race suit, don your helmet, buckle yourself into a turbo charged rally car and spin the wheels into a world of opposite lock, drift and hair raising speed on your rally school experience. 4x4 off road driving may be at a more relaxed pace, but your pulse will still be racing as you steer through rivers and bogs, up and down rolling hills and an array of other challenging obstacles.


Get the wind in your hair and the spray on your face. Northern Ireland’s vast array of unspoilt coastal waters and lakes offer sailing opportunities for all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking for the thrills and spills of dinghy sailing or if you prefer the idea of a laid back cruise, sailing in Northern Ireland can offer both ends of the scale and everything in between.


Imagine a feeling like hovering above the ground at speed, with complete control over any terrain. Riding a Segway, which involves controlling the motion by leaning forwards or backwards, has to be tried before you can fully understand how amazing it really is. This revolutionary technology offers a unique, thrilling and eco-friendly way to explore Northern Ireland’s countryside.

Skydiving & parachuting

Throwing yourself out of a perfectly good plane may sound like a crazy plan, but skydiving in Northern Ireland is a must-try for adventurists! Jump out of an aircraft, and freefall (skydiving) before returning to earth with the aid of a parachute. As you fall through the sky you will be rewarded with breathtaking views – if you can keep your eyes open that is!


The surf scene based on Northern Ireland’s North Coast offers waves to suit everyone, from beginners to champions. Don’t let the good ole Northern Irish weather put you off with the use of modern wetsuits it is a year round sport with the infamous weather adding to the variety of wave conditions, meaning you can never get bored as every time you surf there is a new challenge!


The beauty and variety of the Northern Ireland landscape, the compact distances and ever-changing vistas, and the mild climate, make Northern Ireland a wonderful place to explore on foot. With hundreds of great walks in the countryside and urban areas it’s an easy, safe and inexpensive activity everyone can enjoy.

Waterski & Wakeboarding

Northern Ireland is a fantastic venue for water skiing and wakeboading; with loads of rivers and lakes providing flat water venues. Being towed at high speed behind a boat provides amazing thrills and an excellent sense of achievement once you’re up! Whether you want to try it on skis or have a go at a few tricks on a board you’re sure to come back with a buzz of adrenaline and a desire for more.


Windsurfing could be described as a "bit of a challenge"; however don’t let this put you off as the basics can be mastered in a couple of hours. Fun can be had at entry level right through to the exhilaration and spills of wave sailing. A new and exciting method of teaching using modern, wide, stable boards means windsurfing is now easier to learn than ever before.


Feel the adrenaline rush as you roll down a hill inside a giant PVC ball at speeds of up to 30mph. Zorbing is one of the most exhilarating extreme sports in the world. Originating in New Zealand this activity has now arrived in Northern Ireland.

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