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Money Matters


Cheques backed by a banker's card are widely accepted. Many large stores accept Euros.

Currency Exchange

Some hotels will change money but banks and bureaux de change give the best rate of exchange.  Perform currency and foreign exchange calculations right now with the Universal Currency Converter.

Credit/Debit cards and ATMs 

Visa and Mastercard are accepted, as are Maestro debit cards. 


VAT on Bills and Receipts

What is this?

VAT is a tax that you pay when you buy goods and services in the European Union (EU), including the United Kingdom.  Each EU country has its own rates of VAT. In Northern Ireland there are three rates.

Standard Rate

You pay VAT on most goods and services in the UK at the standard rate, which is 15 per cent. The standard rate will increase to 17.5 per cent on 1 January 2010.

Reduced Rate

In some cases, for example childrens car seats and domestic fuel or power, you pay a reduced rate of five per cent.

Zero Rate

There are some goods on which you don't pay any VAT, like: food, children's clothing and special exempt items such as disability equipment.

Most retail prices on bills and receipts include VAT - it is not shown separately. However some may have a line under which they show the VAT element. This doesn't mean you're being charged extra - it just shows how much of the price is made up of tax.

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