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Stand-up Comedy in Northern Ireland

Enjoy the craic in Northern Ireland...

The Irish love a good joke, and we naturally have a vibrant local comedy scene. There are plenty of opportunities to sit back and enjoy the craic - Pop down to the Empire Bar in Belfast's University district for the Comedy Club nights, or, if you are brave enough, head for the open mic nights at the Playhouse in Derry where anyone can stand up and impress the crowd with their funny jokes!

Check out our comedy venues and upcoming events below.

Just Some Ideas

17th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Belfast

The 17th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival returns to enliven the city centre and beyond, with over 150 events from 28 April - 8 May.

Separate Beds by Sam Cree, Newcastle

Judy Marshall is approaching the biggest day of her life with her wedding to Alan Rea fast approaching. Judy’s actress mother, currently separated from her father Arthur, is planning to return to the family home for the nuptials.

Carnival of Colours, Londonderry/Derry

The Circus, Arts and Music festival will be jam-packed with top treats featuring the very best of International Street Theatre and local acts interspersed with an eclectic mix of side shows and attractions to guarantee a full quota of belly laughs.

Handbag Positive, Newcastle

Handbag Positive is a new and hilariously funny play by Donna O’ Connor co-writer of A Night With George taking place on 10th June in the Newcastle Centre.

Ed Byrne, Londonderry/Derry

Ed Byrne returns to the Millennium Forum, a show not to be missed.

Jimmy Carr, Londonderry/Derry

Jimmy is gathering a selection of his very best jokes along with brand new material for the ultimate comedy show. A man who has devoted his life to crafting perfect jokes and has left a trail of laughter in his wake.

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