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Stand-up Comedy in Northern Ireland

Enjoy the craic in Northern Ireland...

The Irish love a good joke, and we naturally have a vibrant local comedy scene. There are plenty of opportunities to sit back and enjoy the craic - Pop down to the Empire Bar in Belfast's University district for the Comedy Club nights, or, if you are brave enough, head for the open mic nights at the Playhouse in Derry where anyone can stand up and impress the crowd with their funny jokes!

Check out our comedy venues and upcoming events below.

Just Some Ideas

Pirates Off Portrush, Portrush

"Tavish Dhu - 700 Years Dead!" The third instalment in the Pirates Off Portrush saga. Portrush's historical pirate is back having previously defeated the Navy and battled with a whale. What adventures will this year bring?

Newcastle Summer Season - The Holy, Holy Bus, Newcastle

There is a bus that leaves a West Belfast parish once a year to see the holy sites of Ireland. The locals refer to it as, ‘The Holy Holy Bus’! Join four of the female faithful on a journey of personal pilgrimage.

Newcastle Summer Season - Separate Beds, Newcastle

The story is set in the Marshall household where Judy is about to get married to Alan. However, with the return of Judy’s estranged mother, a next door neighbour making a play for the now ‘free’ husband, a future mother-in-law who doesn’t know.

50 Shades Of Red, White and Blue, Ballymena

Hitting the Belfast stage in January 2013, Maggie, Big Sally Ann and Mr Red White & Blue sold out all 9,000 seats. Due to popular demand we are going to the Braid Arts Centre for two nights which is sure to sell out. If we were to say this is a laugh-a-minute evening we wouldn’t be telling lies- it’s literally non-stop laughter!

Dirty Dancing in the Le Shebeen, Ballymena

The loveable Maggie is back with a bang in the highly anticipated sequel to 50 Shades of Red, White And Blue

Newcastle Summer Season - William Caulfield: Me, Myself and I, Newcastle

William Caulfield is back on tour with another brand new show. This year, as the title suggests, he leaves aside the comedy characters and takes to the stage on his own to do what hedoes best – great stand up comedy about our everyday lives here in Northern Ireland, and indeed around the world for that matter.

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