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Taxi Tours

The taxi tour is an attraction synonymous with Northern Ireland, offering a more intimate type of tour and often focusing on the recent history and politics of the region.   

Taxi tours are available from a range of companies in both Belfast and Londonderry/Derry, and regularly involve London-style black cabs.

How better to learn about a city than from the men and women who drive its streets and meet its people on a daily basis?

Just Some Ideas

A Belfast Cab Tour, Belfast

Starting from the city centre they travel through the loyalist Lower Shankill Road with some photo opportunities of the many wall murals in this area then they pass by the former jail and the old court.

The Black Cab Tour, Belfast

Feel the surge of the Titanic City. The city that gave birth to some of the worlds greatest names, and produced everything from air conditioning, the pneumatic tyre, to the chocolate milkshake.

Belfast Mural Tours, Belfast

Ranked the no1 taxi tour in Belfast 2011-2012-2013 on TripAdvisor, Belfast Mural Tours offer a unique and riveting journey into the past.

Belfast Famous Black Cab Tours, Belfast

BelfastFamousBlackCabTours.Com is made up of highly talented, diverse, and motivated people who are dedicated to defining your experience.

Value Cabs Taxi Tours, Belfast

Tours for up to 4 people sharing. Pick-up and drop at your hotel. Uniformed drivers., Belfast

On a tour you will visit the Falls Road and Shankill Road where you will learn of the history of conflict between the two communities and witness the Peaceline wall which divides the two. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides.

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