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Culture, History & Heritage

Find out more about the culture and heritage of Northern Ireland. From Saint Patrick to the birthplace of the Titanic, from the Giant’s Causeway to the Mountains of Mourne and the Walled City of Derry, there are unique stories to tell. Why not take a journey through time from the Neolithic stones of the first settlers to the present day events and festivals of a modern, thriving region?

Our People

  • CS Lewis

    Famous People

    For such a small country we have a lot of famous people who have made an impact all across the world.

  • Linenhall Library,  Belfast


    If you've always wondered about your Northern Ireland roots, why not dig a little deeper?

Our Story

  • Beaghmore Stone Circles, County Tyrone

    Stepping Stones into the Past

    Take a step back into the past. Northern Ireland has a wealth of heritage and history on display...

  • Belfast City Hall Grounds

    Northern Ireland Today

    Northern Ireland is bursting with a new cultural vitality, pride and optimism...

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